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Creative Arts

Healing Arts

Community Arts

Hudson Valley InterArts is a meeting place for creating, inspiring, and exchanging artistic expression.


Imagine a center built to bridge artists of all abilities and offer arts across disciplines.  In this way the InterArts Center will aim to cultivate a community of artists who share the diversity of process and joy of creating in a safe and supportive environment. Through pairing mindfulness and meditative arts with creative arts, the InterArts Center also aims to support social and emotional health within these artistic practices.  


We believe artistic expression and creativity can elevate each unique voice and story to enrich community for all.  

Hudson Valley InterArts is a division of Community Based Services, a not-for-profit serving the Hudson Valley for 40 years.  

Currently in the renovation and design phase, the InterArts Center will be housed within a newly renovated building in Patterson, New York.  

Please stay tuned as construction continues.

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