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Watercolor Paint

Why INTER-Arts?

Our choice in naming our arts center an "InterArts" space is threefold.  The prefix "Inter" indicates a place between, amidst, among, or at the meeting place between.  We hope to foster this meeting, and in this way the InterArts Center embodies: 


Inter-Disciplinary -- Art that lives between disciplines allows unique conversations to take place between artists and creatives who express in different ways.   To house a center which cultivates this conversation and collaboration -- between a sculptor and dancer, a painter and storyteller, a poet and a musician -- gives life to an artistic culture of diversity and exciting creation on the edge and constantly expanding of traditional disciplines.  

Inter-Dependent -- In many ways ecologically and socially our ability to thrive is equally dependent on our cooperation as our competition.  Creativity and Artistry are no different.  One's practice of painting may also have influences from other arts practices (photography, ecology, culinary arts, carpentry, etc), other artists, or other relationships, work, or walks in the woods and beyond.  When we develop an awareness of how to include and honor our whole experience of life to create our art, we honor this interdependence between life expression and between the arts -- our art practices are dependent on a full spectrum of living in which to be created.  

Inter-Sectional -- Hudson Valley InterArts aims to create a unique center which itself represents the intersecting of these diverse art disciplines, but also diverse abilities and artists.  Here we aim to foster that intersection, trusting that understanding, friendship, and inspiration are drawn from the interacting and overlapping of creative spirits and practices.  Imagine a theatre that could pair storytelling with illustration, a sound studio that pairs poets with podcasters, an art studio that can join ceramicists with musicians and photographers -- this is the aim of an intersectional art container.  

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